Knowledge. Experience. Partnership.

Knowledge. Experience. Partnership.

Just Worldwide is a global fieldwork provider of market research services, specializing in healthcare, biotech, life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors.

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At Just Worldwide, our goal is to complement the creative and the curious, to evolve alongside our clients and to stretch beyond their expectations.

Everything between a client’s stated needs and having them met by respondents is ground we are eager to cover. It is a giant expanse, but we love the challenge.

With offices strategically located in North America, Europe and Asia, we want our clients to feel as comfortable working in multiple countries as they would in just one.

Achieving that comfort level is the core of what we do. Just Worldwide employs a multicultural team of senior project managers, recruiters and moderators who are dedicated to delivering project excellence across all therapy areas.


“We have built Just Worldwide on some very unique principles that we believe to be of value to our clients, the company and, most importantly, ourselves - self belief, passion, courage, growth and intelligence.”

Janusz Domagalski  
Managing Director | Global

The harder the project seems, the more we want to help you with it!

We are proud to be known as The Difficult Patient People.

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